Social media has revolutionized our lives. Communication has changed, making it more effective and easier to connect with people globally. And it just keeps getting better.

Today, live-streaming apps let users connect with almost anyone wherever they are in the world. Technological developments have been so quick that people can now communicate online in real-time, either with their loved ones or strangers.

Indeed, it’s safe to say we’re now living in the age of live streaming. Gone are the days when people would simply share status updates, chat with friends, and upload media on Facebook. The bar has been raised with live streaming.

Facebook Live is starting to dominate as it lets people and businesses perform live broadcasts. And as it becomes more popular, many people are looking for streaming software for Facebook Live to expand their options.

That’s why we have compiled some of the best Facebook Live stream software here. You can always stream from Facebook itself, but if you need more advanced features, take a look at these.

1. Best FB Streaming Software - LiveReacting

LiveReacting is one of the fastest-growing FB Live software today. You can create interactive videos and gain more followers or engage your audience on this service.

If your goal is to reach a wider audience and increase engagement, this is the one for you. It has a specially designed algorithm that can get you up to 20 times more reactions on live streams to help you gain more followers and engagement.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you can launch your live video quickly. You can toggle through the options and settings easily on the dashboard. Plus, it has over 20 designed templates with different interaction mechanics that you can use.

Should you encounter any issues, they have prompt customer service you can contact via email. They also have a “Feature Requests” option that lets you suggest new features you think would be helpful for the app.

2. Best Feature-Rich Live Streaming Software - XSplit

There are so many things you can do with XSplit Broadcaster, which makes it one of the best live stream apps for Facebook. Whether you plan to do a local stream, create a multi-stream, or even add additional scenes, you can do all of them here.

It also allows you to use white boarding and annotation tools for live events, illustrations, and live analysis. No need to worry about ease of use because it’s user-friendly and supports streaming even on systems with low-processing speed.

3. Best Live Stream Software for 4K - VidBlasterX

Another great Facebook live streaming software for PC is VidBlasterX. VidBlasterX gives you the ability to live stream videos in 4K. You can use it for streaming TV shows, sports events, and other presentations at super-high resolutions.

It’s also one of the few apps that use your CPU’s memory, which means it doesn’t rely on your GPU at all. You stream straight from the cloud.

Best of all, it has a customizable easy-to-use interface that’s great for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

4. Best Live Stream Software for Mac - Ecamm

Mac users, Ecamm Live is one of your best options. It’s cost-effective and easy to use. You can integrate it easily with Facebook Live.

It’s designed specifically for the Apple ecosystem, making it one of the most powerful live streaming software for Mac.

You can interview guests online via Interview mode. You can also highlight comments on your screen when you’re live. You can even integrate with the Restream Chat API to highlight comments from networks you are multicasting.

Ecamm Live lets you use a green screen effectively with its “mask edges” feature. And if your green screen isn’t wide enough, the software will extend your virtual background.It also lets you stream in different aspect ratios, cross-post on other platforms, do continuous Facebook streams, and more.

Finally, the live customer service is another winner. Rest assured, you’ll have someone reply to your concerns quickly.

5. Best Free Live Streaming Software for Facebook - OBS Studio

Okay, OBS Studio may not be ideal for newbies because it doesn’t integrate with Facebook Live directly. You need to work with stream keys and use RTMP. But before you go and forget all about it, you need to know OBS is extremely powerful.

This app allows you to create multiple scenes and record while you stream. You also have full control over all the video encoding presets.

It’s also free and it works on Macs and PCs. It has advanced features and a vast user base. Although you don’t get high-quality support, you can find plenty of YouTube videos to help you if you need troubleshooting.

There are also plenty of plugins that let you customize it even further. If you’re looking for free software with advanced features that doesn’t require a lot of fiddling, OBS is the way to go.

Wrapping Up

These software will let you make the most out of your Facebook Live across all devices. They work with Facebook to deliver higher-quality video content to a global audience. They also help you personalize your broadcast to appeal directly to your target audience. What are you waiting for? Get streaming on Facebook now. Don’t miss out on a better connection with your pals and clients online.