Privacy policy

  • General details. Our team longs to provide all our users the details around the data that we are collecting, utilizing and keeping as our team is protecting all the data of this site’s visitors with this informative Policy. If you’re currently a resident of the EU or EEA, it will also inform you of a unique license with reference to the data. Please inspect this list carefully as while you’re using the supplies of Livestream Studio you’re ought to give your approval to this content and the activity of

  • We are considerably asking all our customers to check our Policy regularly as it may change several times a month. As it covers the private details regarding you that we take and utilize from time to time, you need to look out for updates on the current webpage.

  • Automatic collection of data. Our website server unintentionally collects the information after you get on the webpage, be it non-personal, for example, cookies (we ask you to read about the issue below), internet protocol address, the category of your provider, the HTTP of the linked information, etc. All the mentioned details do not uncover your unique identity in any way. Whenever we tie this info to the private, we’ll always ask for your agreement.

  • Personally provided info. The only way for us to compile the data that discloses your unique identity is our customers providing it to us themselves via creating an account, signing in the discount programs, giving us feedback or contacting us in any other way. The specifics can include your name, age, contact number, personal and internet mail address, gender etc.

  • Usage of data. Our team uses the personally provided details for authorizing and creating an account for our customers, for managing it, for granting you with the unavoidable assistance such as answering customer feedback and concerns. The non-personal data is used for optimizing our pages to your particular needs and to evaluate the activity or the content on as well as managing the security. We neither collect any data from children without parents’ consent nor combine two types of data together. We ask our readers to note that if you’re a resident of EEA, our team can require you to sign a consent form in order to access the private data for third-party usage. The customer is free to withdraw it at any moment.

  • Sharing data with third parties. Everything gathered by our team is never disclosed to unrelated parties, never sold or rented. In the case of transferring, disclosing or sharing the material with third parties, you will always be asked for consent. Please note that we can open this piece of data to our sponsors, investors, commercial partners or if we are required to do so by law. In any case, all the mentioned parties are ought to protect and cherish all the data they receive.

  • Using your private information regulated by EU detail protection law. We might utilize the individual material if:

    • you accept our invites to receive our letters, exclusive proposals, offers, and marketing;

    • you purchase our service or product;

    • it’s mandatory to preserve you from harm;

    • there is any legal obligation like taxation etc.;

    • the material can be used between us and our sponsors in commercial purposes for services customers can be interested in.

  • Usage of cookies. The website uses cookies. Cookies are harmless pieces of data that don’t count as personal information; they are used by websites to recognize the device you’re using while you are browsing the internet. They do not install any foreign applications or monitor your personal activity and data. Our website uses persistent cookies (they stay longer on the device and let the service remember your favorite products and suggest you ads), session cookies (they are active for a short time while you’re browsing the website, used to remember user’s actions during the visit) and foreign (they are used for tracking the usage of affiliate links and ads on home website). We ask our customers to note that they can control the usage of cookies by adjusting it in their browser’s settings. The blockage of all the cookies is available freely.

  • There might be links to other sites with special offers and providers on; we include the content only for explanatory intent. All the sites that are linked are not controlled by our team and we do not make a warranty on the products that may be involved there. By clicking certain links you’re agreeing to access it and take the risk of sharing your information.

  • Children’s Online Privacy. Children below 13 can’t use our services and we don’t collect their private details. If any of our products demand the collection of personal data from the children, we will ask for the parental consent from those who use our website.

  • The protection of personal data. All the encrypted details are protected from elimination against the law, loss, exposure, alteration, and any other risky usage by using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology on the page as well as adopting the internal policies in consent with EU GDPR. In the case of any personal data reach which can have risky results, our team will immediately let you know about it and hand you all the needed explanation and details to contact the data security officer.

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