Facebook Live and Instagram Live are two of the largest live streaming platforms around the world. Facebook has approximately 2.7 billion users, while Instagram has a little over one billion.

Although they target different demographics, no one said you couldn’t tap both markets. The good news is you don’t have to do separate live streams for both platforms. With the right tool, you can go live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Today, we’ll show you how to simulcast your live stream on Facebook and Instagram.

Can You Go Live on Instagram and Facebook at the Same Time?

Even though Facebook owns Instagram, these are two very different platforms. For starters, they don’t have the same number of users or target the same group of people. Some people who are on Facebook may not be on Instagram and vice versa. Being able to live stream on both platforms at the same time is a great way to widen your reach.

Although you can cross-post images and stories on FB and IG, their native apps still don’t have the functionality to share live feeds. So unless you use two phones simultaneously, there’s no way to live stream on the two different apps on mobile devices.

Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to computers, but you’ll have to use third-party tools like OBS and Ciclano.io. There are extra steps to take, but this is the best option you have if you want to post to Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

Note: Ciclano is a paid app, but you can be sure it won’t sell your data like other companies that offer the same functionality for free. If you want data security and have the budget for it, we highly recommend this.

How to Share Your Facebook and Instagram Live Streams Simultaneously

Going live on IG and FB at the same time requires a few extra steps, but they’re not overly complicated. Before we begin, note that this guide will only work on a computer.

Follow these simple steps to broadcast live on both platforms using OBS and Ciclano.io.

Set up OBS

  1. Download and install OBS Studio.
  2. Click the “+” icon in the “Sources” box found at the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Select the alternative “Video Capture Device.”
  4. Name the source. For easier identification, we suggest you label it with easy-to-remember names, such as “webcam.”
  5. Select which webcam you’re going to use and what your recording resolution will be. The ideal resolution is 1280 x 720. We don’t recommend anything lower than that. If you’re streaming a game, you may want to increase the resolution to give your audience a better viewing experience.
  6. Click the “+” icon in the “Sources” box to add effects and offline music stored locally on your computer. That’s it for OBS, but don’t go live yet. We still need to set up Ciclano to broadcast on multiple platforms at the same time.

Set up Ciclano

  1. Create an account on Ciclano.io.
  2. Connect your FB and IG profiles to your Ciclano account.
  3. Click the “Channels” tab on the main page after creating your account.
  4. To schedule the simultaneous live stream on Facebook and Instagram, select “Add account” in each social network box.
  5. Tick the checkbox below your Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  6. Add a title and description to your live stream by clicking “Title and description.” Make them as descriptive as possible, so your viewers will know right away what your live event is all about. The fields “Tag” and “Category” are only useful if you’re also going to broadcast on YouTube. If not, leave them untouched.
  7. Click “To save” to finish the configuration.
  8. Return to Ciclano’s home page and click “Enable Broadcast.” It will start broadcasting on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, but you’ll only see a black screen.
  9. Wait a few seconds until some codes appear on your screen. Copy these codes and go back to OBS Studio.

Start simultaneous broadcasting

  1. On OBS, open the menu settings, followed by “Stream.”
  2. Click “Custom Stream.”
  3. Check the “Use authentication” box.
  4. Paste the codes you got from Ciclano. Put the first code in the first field, the second code on the second field, and so on. It’s vital that you input the codes in the correct sequential order.
  5. Click “Start Broadcast” when you’re ready to go live. You can now enjoy your first simultaneous live stream on Facebook and Instagram.

Can You Share Your FB Video to Instagram?

If you want to share your video after your FB live event on IG instead of simulcasting on both platforms, there’s currently no function on Facebook for that. You’ll have to download your video and manually upload it on Instagram, but it’s not as easy as that.

Instagram and Facebook have different video upload requirements. IG might not support your downloaded FB video format. Plus, Instagram only allows up to 60 seconds of total video length, so you need to cut your FB video into several one-minute videos. Of course, you don’t have to do that for your entire video. You can repurpose your live video by finding and editing just the highlights.

Here are the steps on how to share your Facebook video to Instagram.

1. Download your FB video

Go to www.getfvid.com and paste your FB video URL on the empty textbox labeled “Enter Facebook Video URL.” Click download.

2. Edit the video before uploading it to Instagram

The best Instagram video format is MP4, but you can only upload a video length of up to 60 seconds. The maximum width is 1080 pixels. Additionally, vertical videos with an aspect ratio of 9:16 are best on IG. Trim or change your video’s aspect ratio using a free video editor like FlexClip.

3. Upload your edited video to Instagram

Here’s the problem. You can do the complicated video edits on your computer, but you can only upload it using the IG mobile app. Fortunately, apps like Dropbox make transferring videos from your computer to your phone quick and easy so you can upload straight from your phone.


You’re no longer limited to just one platform at a time when broadcasting live. Using third-party software, you can now go simulcast on different platforms using a single computer. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do as a live streamer.