Dead by Daylight (DBD) is a 2016 1-versus-4 online multiplayer game by Canadian game studio Behaviour Interactive, which is known for developing numerous movie and TV show tie-in games.

The asymmetric survival horror title received average reviews at launch due to its lack of social features and shaky matchmaking. Over time, Behaviour Interactive fixed Dead by Daylight, turning it into one of the most mechanically complex online multiplayer horror games out today. It currently has a weighted average score of 71 over 100 and a 5.9 out of 10 user score on the review aggregator website Metacritic.

Dead by Daylight has sold over 30 million copies across all platforms as of 2021. Like with many online multiplayer games, the pandemic boosted interest in the game among players and spectators alike. Dead by Daylight streamers get viewers in the hundreds of thousands across various video-sharing platforms. The official Dead by Daylight Twitch channel has over 10 million followers currently.

If you want to enjoy a truly dynamic survival horror gaming experience and broadcast it live, then we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll teach you how to set up Dead by Daylight for live-streaming from your PC.

How to Stream Dead by Daylight on OBS

For this guide, we’ll use a live-streaming software called OBS Studio. This application will serve as the link between your PC game and the live streaming platform. We’ll guide you through how to broadcast your live Dead by Daylight feed to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

OBS Initial Setup

  1. Download and install OBS Studio.
  2. Give OBS administrator access.
  3. Run OBS and cancel the “Auto-Configuration Wizard”.
  4. Go to “Settings”.
  5. In “Videos”, set both “Base” and “Output” resolutions to 1080p. Click “Apply” then “OK”.
  6. Go to “Output”, then “Output Mode”, and select “Advanced”.
  7. On the “Streaming” tab, select your dedicated GPU (Nvidia or AMD).
    • For YouTube, set the bitrate from 4500 to 9000 for 1080p 60fps. A sustained upload speed of at least 11 Mbps is needed to handle the upper limit bit rate.
    • For Twitch, set it to between 3500 to 5000 kbps for 1080p 60fps. Your upload speed should be around 6 Mbps.
    • For Facebook, set the bitrate to 4000. The recommended upload speed is 6 Mbps.
  8. Click “Apply” then “OK”. You will be sent to OBS’s main interface.

Adding Scenes and Audio in OBS Studio

We’ll teach you how to set up a basic OBS live stream with one scene that includes your gameplay and facecam feed.

  1. There will be an auto-loaded scene in the “Scene” box on OBS’s main dashboard. We suggest changing it to something that will be easy for you to manage. Do this by right-clicking and selecting “Rename”.
  2. Run Dead by Daylight on your PC on fullscreen.
  3. On the “Sources” box beside “Scenes”, add your gameplay video feed by clicking the “+” sign. You can also right-click then “Add”. Select “Game Capture”.
    • In properties, select “Capture any fullscreen application” from “Mode” then “OK”.
    • OBS should detect the game as a fullscreen program. You should see it in the preview box. Make sure that the game is the only fullscreen program that’s running currently on your system.
    • If “Capture any fullscreen application” doesn’t work, double-click “Game Capture” on the “Sources” panel. From “Mode,” select “Capture specific window”. Select Dead by Daylight’s window from the “Window” dropdown. Then hit “OK”.
    • If your video doesn’t take up the entire screen in the preview area, right-click on it, then go to “Transform”’, and hit “Fit to Screen” to expand it to fullscreen.
  4. Now let’s set up your facecam. Connect a webcam to your computer. Add another video source in the same scene and select “Video Capture Device”. Select your webcam. The feed should appear in the preview box.
  5. Resize and crop your webcam by clicking and dragging the red border. Hold down the ‘alt’ key to crop. Drag your camera to wherever you want it on your scene layout. Any of the four corners is advisable.
  6. If you don’t see your facecam feed in the preview section, the ordering of your “Sources” layers must be wrong. Layer your facecam over the gameplay by selecting it on the “Source” box and then dragging it up so it comes before your game capture on the list.
  7. Hide and unhide sources by clicking on the eye icon next to their label.
  8. Add a placeholder or intermission scene by creating a new scene and using whatever display source you want.
    • This scene may be your facecam on fullscreen, a video on loop, still images, or pretty much anything that OBS can display. They take the place of your main scene for various reasons like if you have to take a break or when you want to talk to your audience without the game paused in the background.
    • Switch between scenes by clicking on them on the “Scenes” box.
  9. If you have a microphone connected to your computer, OBS should detect it automatically. The controls will appear on the “Audio Mixer” panel where you can control the volume or even mute each audio source.
  10. You can also add your mic manually by going to “Settings”, then “Audio”. Select your microphone from “Mic/Auxiliary Audio”.
  11. Your game’s audio is bundled with your entire desktop’s sounds, including multiplayer voice chat.
    • If your game is too loud or too quiet, adjust the volume from the game’s audio controls. Isolating separate audio sources on OBS requires an additional plugin, which we’ll tackle in a separate post.
    • We recommend disabling Windows’ system sounds, so you don’t get audio alerts mid-broadcast.
  12. Set your audio levels/volume.

Your basic OBS scenes and audio sources are now configured. Now let’s move on to how you can stream on the three major platforms.

Linking Twitch to OBS for Streaming

Setting up a Dead by Daylight Twitch live stream is easy because you can link your account to OBS. Doing so will save your login details. You can just do a bit of tweaking for different games, and you don’t have to worry about connecting the streaming program to Twitch every time you want to broadcast.

  1. Go to “Settings” in OBS then to the “Stream” side tab.
  2. Select Twitch from “Service” then click “Connect Account”.
  3. Put in your Twitch credentials. This will automatically input your Twitch account’s unique stream key on OBS.
  4. Click “Apply” then “OK”.
  5. Several Twitch docks will pop up on OBS’s main dashboard. You can either close them or reposition them anywhere on the interface.
    • Through these docks, you can manage your Twitch chat and monitor your stream’s stats right on OBS.
    • You can also set the title and description for your live stream via these docks if you don’t want to do it on your Twitch dashboard on the website.
  6. Prepare your Dead by Daylight game.
  7. Once you’re ready, click “Start Streaming” to launch your Dead by Daylight live stream. It should start on Twitch after a few seconds.
    • Click “Start Recording” if you want a copy of your broadcast saved on your computer.
  8. Click “Stop Streaming” on OBS when you’re done.

Streaming Dead by Daylight to YouTube Using OBS Studio

Before you can start a Dead by Daylight stream on YouTube, make sure you’ve verified your YouTube account through a working phone number. There’s a 24-hour waiting period if it’s your first time live-streaming on the platform.

  1. On your YouTube homepage, click on the camera icon in the upper right corner.
  2. On the drop-down menu, select “Go live” to access your YouTube Studio dashboard.
  3. Click on “Edit” to set your stream parameters, such as title, description, visibility, and so on. Set the category to “Gaming”.
  4. Copy your stream key.
  5. On OBS, go to “Settings”. On the “Stream” tab, select “YouTube - RTMPS” from “Service”. Then paste the stream key. Click “Apply” then “OK”.
  6. Ready up your game.
  7. Click “Start Streaming” on OBS when you’re ready. Click “Start Recording” if you want to save your stream on your computer hard drive.
  8. Go back to YouTube Studio and check if OBS has started sending the feed. Click “Go live” when it starts coming through to begin your live stream.
  9. Click “End Stream” on YouTube to stop broadcasting. Stop your stream on OBS as well.

How to Live Stream Dead by Daylight to Facebook Live via OBS

As you noticed above, Facebook has the lowest streaming bitrate setting among the three platforms. This is because only Facebook limits regular users to 720p. Only those who are part of the Level Up program can stream in 1080p.

To qualify for the program, your Facebook account must be a Gaming Video Creator page. Additionally, you’ll have to reach certain streaming achievements in order to unlock streaming in the higher resolution and monetization features. The following DBD live stream guide applies to either account type.

  1. Go to OBS’s settings, then “Stream”. Select “Facebook Live” from “Service”.
    • You’ll get a notification saying you’re limited to streaming at a 720p resolution. Click “Yes”.
  2. Leave “Ignore streaming service setting recommendations.” unchecked.
  3. Click “Get Stream Key”. OBS will redirect you to your Facebook Live Producer if you’re logged in to your account on a browser. Live Producer is Facebook’s streaming studio.
    • You can also access Live Producer through your Facebook homepage. Click on “Live video” at the top of your feed. It’s the red sideways camera icon.
  4. In Live Producer, select “Use stream key” from the “Get started” options.
  5. In the “Setup options” box, enable “Use a persistent stream key”.
  6. Set whether or not you want Facebook to save a copy of your stream on your profile.
    • Archived streams are undeletable.
    • Facebook breaks the video files into segments when there are dips and cuts in your internet connection.
  7. Options in “Settings” are up to your personal preference.
  8. Title your stream, give it a description, and set your live stream’s visibility.
  9. Choose where you want to post your stream (your timeline, group, page, etc.).
  10. Copy your stream key.
  11. Go to OBS’s “Settings” then “Stream”. Choose Facebook from the choices in “Services”. Paste the stream key. Click “Apply” then “Ok”.
  12. Fire up Dead by Daylight.
  13. Click “Start Streaming” on OBS’s dashboard. Hit “Start Recording” as well if you prefer.
  14. Go to Live Producer and wait for the streaming software and Facebook to connect. The signal from OBS should come through after a little while.
  15. When you’re ready to start streaming, click “Go live” on the bottom of the left side panel in Live Producer.

What Even Is Dead by Daylight All About?

The plot of Dead by Daylight is nothing too ground-breaking. A supernatural being called The Entity is awakened by mankind’s general horribleness. It demands human sacrifices to exist. So it plucks “killers” and “survivors” from various realities and sends them to a dream-like realm of its creation. The killers set out to capture and sacrifice four survivors to offer to The Entity.

The Entity subsists on the survivors’ hope to escape the nightmare realm. But they are bound to relive the bloody game of cat and mouse over and over again even if they escape being sacrificed—pretty cheery stuff.

The multiverse angle gave the developers room to license several characters from popular horror franchises, such as Evil Dead, Resident Evil, Scream, Silent Hill, and so on. There are also original playable characters made specifically for the game.

How to Play Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric 1v4 game of survival. This means you either play as an overpowered killer or one of four scrawny survivors. You choose which one you want to play at the beginning of every game.

A match concludes truly when all survivors escape or get sacrificed. The sole antagonist is unkillable.

Playing as A Survivor

The ultimate goal of survivors in a match is to escape the map of which there are 16 so far.

There are seven broken generators on the map, five of which the survivors have to locate and repair to open up two exits. Repairing generators and interacting with objects often require a skill check, which could make the actions faster if done well or alert the killer if executed poorly.

But it doesn’t stop there. Fixing the requisite number of generators and locating the exit do not guarantee a hitch-free ride out of goblin town. The survivor must hold a switch next to the escape route for 20 uninterrupted seconds to access it fully. Only then can they get out of the level.

Throughout the match, the survivors must evade capture. They can use hiding spots or create obstacles to create some distance between them and the killer during a chase. If the killer catches them, they will be hooked but will get the chance to free themselves or get unhooked by another player. Failure to do so in time will result in getting sacrificed and bumped out of the match. Decommissioned or escaped survivors can spectate active players.

If only one survivor remains, an escape hatch will open regardless of how many generators are fixed. The killer can close the hatch but this would open up the two original exits.

Playing as the Killer

Most killer characters are slightly faster than survivors but are significantly less agile. This means they can’t jump over obstacles like their prey. Some obstacles are destructible. Otherwise, they’d have to walk around it.

The killer can incapacitate a survivor by attacking them, making them easier to capture. They can also just grab them but an uninjured captive can struggle free easily.

Default hunting abilities include generator and hook location. They can also detect sprinting survivors nearby.

Character Perks and Items

Before each match, the killer and survivors can equip up to four perks, which afford them special abilities. Survivors have three perks unique to their specific characters. They can also choose to add a perk type that’s shared by all to their loadout. Each killer type has its own special set of perks. Survivors can’t use killer perks and vice versa.

Examples of survivor perks are speed boost and item-less self-healing and hook sabotaging. Killers can use perks that will lock survivors out of being able to repair generators and seeing the survivors’ outline through walls, to name a few.

Another ability unique to the survivor class is the ability to pick up and use items found throughout the map. These include health packs, tools to make fixing or sabotaging easier, and items that will slow down the killer.

Dead by Daylight has a lot more nuanced mechanics but these are the basics that any new player should know.

A Thrilling Game for Yourself, Your Friends, and Audience

Dead by Daylight has been making content creators scream and voraciously blame teammates for messing up generator repair for quite a while now. It endured a shaky beginning and is now enjoying a steady stream of recognition among gamers and people who just want to watch.

It’s a pretty taut online multiplayer game—only five players are needed. The smallness of the player count per session makes the horror aspect more pronounced and intimate. It’s a perfect late, late-night live stream title. So grab four of your friends, and tell your viewers to turn down their lights. Dead by Daylight is on and things will get freaky.