Discord may not be as popular as Twitch when it comes to live game streaming. But it’s a great platform where gamers and other communities come together. It offers voice and text communication in real time for free. Unfortunately, Discord doesn’t have an option to record these conversations. You’ll need a third-party software for that, such as OBS.

Before we start, you should know that it’s illegal to record people’s conversations without their consent in many locations worldwide. You need to get the permission of everyone involved in your stream before you start recording.

This guide assumes that you already have a Discord server where you can live stream.

What is OBS?

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free live streaming and recording software. It’s also open-source, meaning the code is open to the public. This gives developers the freedom to improve the software. That’s why it has a large community of devs worldwide supporting it.

Installation is very straightforward. But you’ll have to add Discord to OBS manually. After that, OBS will recommend a few settings. You don’t have to go with all the suggested settings. You can make adjustments based on your needs.

For a free software, OBS has some pretty advanced features. This includes filters that let you use masking, color correction, and chroma keying. It also comes with an easy to use audio mixer. It also allows you to display multiple cameras and even desktop screens in a stream event.

Streamers often use it to make their live broadcasts more robust. For example, streaming Discord on OBS lets you record your stream. This is something Discord cannot do by itself. But by using OBS, you can extend the live streaming platform’s functionality.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of using OBS.

Pros of OBS:

  • Open-source code. Its open-source nature lets developers all over the world create awesome effects and customizable plugins. All these improvements help enhance your stream’s quality at no cost to you.
  • Low CPU usage. To achieve the smoothest stream possible, you either buy the strongest and fastest computer or use a software that can load the system with the least CPU usage possible. Luckily for you, OBS Studio is known for its low CPU usage.
  • User-friendly interface. OBS uses a drag and drop feature that lets you customize every element of your workspace. You can also easily configure its settings o meet your needs.
  • Multi-platform support. OBS Studio supports practically every popular live streaming platform available today. This includes Discord, Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. It’s also compatible with macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • First to receive updates. Being one of the oldest and most recognized streaming software, it’s often the first to receive the latest feature, updates, and patches.

Cons of OBS:

  • Low plugin variability. One of the most notable downsides to OBS is that it lacks plugin variability. It doesn’t have chats and customizable themes (overlays). There are ways to add these plugins. But they don’t come with the package.
  • No Windows XP support. Not a lot of people will find this a minus. But we had to add this to our list in case there are people reading this who are still holding on to XP.

How to Record Discord with OBS

You can stream Discord audio on OBS using these easy steps.

  1. Download OBS for your Mac, Windows, or Linux.
  2. Select File and then Settings.
  3. Select Output in the Settings window.
  4. Set the audio format to MP4 in the Recording Format drop-down. This will make it easier to capture Discord audio in OBS using your favorite audio studio.
  5. Head over to the Sources area and click the plus (+) button. This will add the audio from Discord.
  6. Create a new source by choosing Audio Output Capture.
  7. It will default to Create new. You can either leave the default name as is or rename it.
  8. Select OK.
  9. When the Properties window opens, choose the settings you want, then select OK.
  10. You’ll see your new Discord source in the Audio Mixer. Drag the slider to adjust the recording volume level. You can also click the speaker icon to either mute or unmute the stream.
  11. Select Start Recording.
  12. Use the pause button or click Stop Recording if you want to stop recording.

How to Stop OBS from Picking up Discord Audio

Discord’s live streaming functionality is unique. It lets you talk to your audience via voice call while live streaming. But if you’re going to capture the live stream via OBS, some of your viewers may not like to be recorded. Fortunately, there are three ways you can prevent OBS from recording Discord audio.

1. Change the audio recording device via OBS

OBS lets you choose which audio recording device you want to record and leave out. This is an awesome feature if you’re recording and streaming a presentation or tutorial. This way, you can reuse your video without the chatter.

2. Change the default audio device for Discord

Another option is to change Discord’s default audio input and output device. This will make sure that you’re using the correct device based on your preferences. Choose a mic or headphone that’s used solely for OBS. This way, you get to stop OBS from recording conversations on Discord.

3. Mute OBS

If you plan to do a voice-over or add music to your video, you can mute OBS entirely. This way, your audience can still hear you speak while live streaming, but OBS will record a soundless video. You’ll have to repeat the process of muting OBS every time you don’t want OBS to pick up any audio from your Discord live stream.


Discord isn’t like other live streaming platforms. For starters, it only allows up to a limited number of viewers. But its intimate streaming environment is exactly what makes it a unique experience. Plus, you get to interact with your audience firsthand. Using OBS as your streaming software is only a bonus if you want to enhance your streaming capabilities and record your live broadcast. If you’re new to streaming, this is the perfect platform for you. Go ahead and invite your friends on your very first live stream.