Discord started as an instant messaging software where you can text, voice chat, and send multimedia files. It’s target market is mainly gaming. That’s why it was only a matter of time before it launched its own live streaming feature.

Now, it lets you simultaneously stream, voice/video chat, and message your friends from your PC while playing your favorite game. Why play a game by yourself when you can live stream on Discord and share your gameplay or play with friends online?

Although it mostly targets gamers, Discord also offers a special space for non-gamers. Even artists and musicians can stream their content on Discord. In fact, there are various thriving communities in this platform for such genres.

Before we get started, take note that this guide assumes that you already have a Discord account and server set up.

How to Set Up Live Stream on Discord

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to share your screen and enable a live stream on Discord.

1.Open Discord on your computer and select a public room you wish to stream in. Make sure the room you choose has a voice channel you have permissions in. You can also stream in your own server if you have one

2.Open your game and go back to Discord.

3.If your game is supported, it will be automatically detected by Discord, and an icon will appear at the bottom-left of the screen.

If the game is not detected, you can manually add it to Discord. Click “User Settings” and choose “Game Activity” under “App Settings”. Click “Add it”.

4.Choose the channel you want to stream in.

5.Click the icon and choose your video resolution and frame rate. Regular users are limited to 720p/30fps. But Nitro Classic subscribers can stream 1080p/60fps or even up to 4k/60fps.

6.Click “Go Live”.

You’ll see a small picture-in-picture (PiP) window of the game on the side. This lets you see from your viewers’ perspective.

7.You can turn on video chat while playing your game. Click the “Video” button under the game icon.

8.Go back to your game and play.

9.To end your stream simply click the end call icon under the game icon.

You can send invitations to your friends to watch you play in your voice channel. Or you can broadcast in a private call. Click the “share screen” button in the call options and then select the screen or game you want to stream.

Who Can Go Live on Discord?

Technically, anyone can follow the steps above to go live. But if you’re the server owner, you can manage your friends’ permissions. You have full control over who can and can’t go live. Additionally, Mac and Linux users can only spectate from a browser but not broadcast. As of now, Discord’s core users run Windows.

How to Watch Your Friend’s Stream

If you want to watch a live stream on Discord, you need to be in the same voice channel as the streamer. Once the broadcast starts, you’ll see a “live” notification beside the user’s icon in the channel list.

To join a live stream, you can click the user’s profile once and then select “Watch Stream” on the screen at the right. Alternatively, you can double-click the user’s name to make the streaming window appear.

Adding an Overlay

Discord has a built-in overlay feature that lets you use the application’s messaging and voice chatting feature without exiting your game’s full-screen mode. It’s very simple to use. You can open and close it anytime.

To enable Discord’s game overlay:

  1. Launch the game you want to stream.
  2. Click “User Settings” and select “Overlay” under “App Settings”.
  3. Click the game displayed above your user bar.
  4. Click go live when the streaming window pops up.

All the streaming settings will be available on the overlay tool while you stream and play your game. This makes it easy to manage your settings, invite other users, check who’s watching, and end the stream.

How Does Discord Differ from Other Live Streaming Platforms?

With live gaming gaining traction in the online world, Discord is not going to be left behind. But it’s live streaming feature is not like anything you’ve seen before. The live game streaming we all know involves gaining as many viewers as possible, like in Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live. But Discord’s Go Live is different. It limits viewers up to 10 users at a time.

Discord’s aim is to give users the feeling of gaming with friends in their room. Additionally, unlike other streaming platforms where only the streamer gets to play and talk, Discord lets you and your friends play and talk to each other.

Discord wasn’t created to compete with Twitch, YouTube, or other live gaming platforms. It’s in a league of its own.


Discord offers a fresh and unique take on live game streaming. It’s not what we’re used to when we hear live gaming. But if you’re just after a chill afternoon playing a game with a bunch of friends, then Discord is the perfect platform for you.