If you’re a musician, you’ll be glad to know Discord has some neat music streaming features, making it easy for you to share your music with your community. Live gamers who want to play music while streaming will also find this feature useful. Besides, live gaming is more exciting with some of your favorite tunes in the background.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to play music on Discord. So hang tight and let’s get started.

Can You Stream Music on Discord?

The simple answer to that question is yes. You can play music on the platform, either while live streaming your gameplay or chilling with your friends over voice chat. But what is Discord, how did it become what it is today, and why is it a good place to stream music? Let’s take a brief look at its origins and how it evolved over time.

Discord was initially created to give gamers a place to communicate. But, over the years, it evolved into something bigger and better—it’s no longer just for gamers. In fact, it rebranded itself in 2020 with a simple tagline, “Your Place to Talk.”

There are now millions of diverse communities on Discord, with many of them not even related to gaming. People with different interests and hobbies are most welcome here. For example, there are numerous Discord communities for K-pop stans.

In fact, there are countless servers where BLACKPINK fans can keep each other updated on the girl group’s activities. If you create your own music, there’s also space for you here. You can share your songs with a large community of music lovers.

But what makes Discord unique from other live streaming platforms? For starters, it has a more intimate streaming environment. Normally, only 10 people can join your live stream, but it has been temporarily increased to 50 participants due to COVID-19.

Having a limited number of participants may seem restrictive, but it can actually work to your advantage. For example, it’s easier to engage your audience and create a close-knit community. As a result, you get loyal viewers who will follow you whatever streaming platform you use.

There are also Discord music servers that let you find your own voice, such as the one created by the producer Kenny Beats. This server encourages musicians to join beat competitions and daily beat talks, where they can give their opinions, ask for advice, and discuss their music-making process.

Members can also bounce ideas off each other and collaborate, making the server a shared workspace for like-minded people. With the help of a supportive community, making music becomes less intimidating.

How to Play Music Through Discord: The Full Guide

There are two ways you can play music on Discord: connecting your account to Spotify and using Discord music bots.

How to stream music using a bot

In this guide, we’ll be using Rythm, a free music bot, to stream music on Discord. Follow these steps to add a music bot to Discord.

  1. Pull up your web browser and go to rythmbot.co.
  2. Click the “Add to Discord” button. This action will redirect you to the Discord login page.
  3. Enter your Discord login credentials.
  4. Select a music Discord server, click “Authorize,” and check the “I’m not a robot” box. Make sure you are the server owner or have the necessary permissions before proceeding. Otherwise, the installation process will fail.
  5. Join a music channel on Discord and tell Rythm which song you want it to play by typing “!play.”
  6. Hit “Enter” or “Return” and Rythm will search for the artist or song on YouTube or your local music list and play the song or songs from the artist.
  7. If you want to get the complete list of Rythm commands, go to rythmbot.co and click “Features & Commands.”

How to stream music using a Mic

Streaming music on Discord using a mic works pretty much the same way, but you’ll need to make some mic setting changes on your PC.

  1. Head over to your Control Panel.
  2. Go to “Hardware & Sound > Manage Audio Devices.”
  3. Open the “Recording” options.
  4. Enable “Stereo Mix” and change the settings to the default mic.
  5. Join a voice channel and start streaming music.

How to stream music without a bot

There’s only one way you can stream music on Discord without a bot. You need to connect your Spotify account to your Discord account. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Launch Discord (either your desktop app or the browser version) and go to the “User Settings.”
  2. Select “Connections” and click the Spotify icon. You’ll be redirected to the Spotify login page.
  3. Enter your Spotify login credentials and agree to the terms of use.
  4. Once you’ve successfully connected your Spotify account to Discord, go back to Discord to verify the connection. You can now start Spotifying your favorite songs directly to Discord.

Other Discord Bots Worth Checking Out

Rythm is one of the most versatile music bots in Discord as it lets you stream music from multiple sources. There’s no risk of lagging, and it’s continuously updated. That’s why we chose to use it in this guide. But there are several other Discord music bots you can use to play music on your server.

  • Groovy. Groovy is a trusted and easy-to-use music bot. It supports customization, such as showing lyrics and shuffling.
  • FredBoat. This is another popular bot for streaming music on Discord. It’s very similar to Groovy when it comes to customization. It also lets you control who gets to make changes to the playlist.

Wrapping Up

Live streaming on Discord is definitely a unique experience. Admittedly, it isn’t the place for racking up a huge audience at once, but it’s the perfect place for fostering long-lasting relationships with your viewers. Whether you’re a live gamer who wants to add music to your streams or a musician who wants to share your music, there’s a place for you on Discord.