In the past, gamers used VOIP and chat applications to talk to each other. But technology has come a long way since then—and so have the demands of gamers. Now, modern gamers need a combination of both, which Discord gives.

Discord is a free application that offers an effortless way to interact via video, text, or voice with your friends. It comes with a wide array of servers. Different servers have different topics or rules. This way, people can find and join the server that interests them in a more organized manner. And, quite recently, it released its very own live streaming feature called Go Live. But it’s not like any other live streaming services you’ve seen before.

How to Live Stream on Discord

Learning how to live stream in Discord is not that hard. But, first, you need to understand how live streaming works on this app. Unlike other live streaming platforms, it’s not meant to gain as many viewers as possible. It’s designed to allow up to 10 participants at a time, as its goal is to recreate the feeling of hanging out with friends while playing a game.

There’s nothing fancy about Discord’s Go Live. It’s a relatively small, no-nonsense video stream with a limited audience. It’s just your gameplay with no extra frills. But for many people, it’s just exactly how they like it. Aside from your gameplay, you can also live stream a movie and watch it together with friends. Plus, you can share what you’re listening to on Spotify in real-time.

And the best part about this is that since you’re all on a call, other players can share their inputs about the game in real-time, or your audience can shriek with you while watching a movie without spamming the chatbox. This is a unique and fresh take on live streaming since other platforms only allow the broadcaster to speak.

Although Discord’s live streaming capabilities may seem limited, it’s an excellent way to build a long-lasting relationship with other users. And if they like your gameplay or other content, you may ask them to follow you on your other social media channels.

Live streaming on Discord is pretty straightforward. However, there are still some possible kinks you might encounter on your first try. Don’t worry. We’ll show you how to use Discord’s Go Live in detail. We’ll also show you how to manually add your game if it didn’t get automatically detected.

How to Record Discord Live Stream on OBS

Go Live is a great way to keep your streaming close-knit and intimate. It’s also an excellent platform for growing fan loyalty. However, the downside to this streaming platform is that streams aren’t archived.

To record a high-quality video of your gameplay, you’ll need to use a good capture software like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). OBS is a free and open-source streaming software that allows you to record your screen and audio simultaneously with just a few clicks.

It’s very easy to use, but there are a few learning curves to get through if you’re a beginner. And that’s what we’re here for. We will guide you from the first step until you become a master at using this streaming app.

Discord’s live streaming features may seem limited if you want to broadcast to a large audience. But if you just want to chill with your friends while playing a game or watching a movie, then Go Live is perfect for you. Give it a try before forming an opinion about it. You might end up liking it.