Both marketing experts and content creators agree that the key to content marketing success is producing high-quality content. That’s why they say, “content is king.”

As a content creator yourself, you’re creating the best quality content possible. But why are most of your content still failing to gain attention? Maybe it’s because your definition of high-quality content isn’t the same as your target audience.

If you’re new to live streaming or someone struggling to make an impact, you’re in the right place. This post takes an in-depth look at what makes content high quality. We’ll also share useful live video creation and content writing tips that’ll help get you started in creating your best video content yet.

What is High-Quality Content?

According to the experts at Nielsen Norman Group, you only get 10 to 20 seconds to capture visitor attention on your webpage. The same is true when viewing live videos. If you can’t catch your audience’s interest in the first minute of your broadcast, they’ll likely leave you and move on to the next live stream. That’s why it’s essential to create high-quality content at all times.

But what does high-quality mean?

Quality content is clear and concise. It’s straight to the point, but it’s not boring or condescending. It’s relevant and sparks interest. It’s created for humans but optimized for machines. It should address your audience’s concerns and help you achieve your marketing goals at the same time, whether that’s to increase your search engine ranking, brand awareness, click-through rates, lead generation, or social shares.

Why is it important to create quality and interesting content?

Creating a positive viewer experience is one of the most common goals of popular broadcasters. It should be yours too. After all, people are more interested in the value they can get from your content. Since quality is essential to viewers, you should value it too.

The quality of your content directly impacts the viewing experience of your audience. So whatever your reason for live streaming, strive to create content your viewers will enjoy watching.

6 Qualities of a High-Quality Content

Good video content should have visual appeal and must exhibit your authority and expertise on the topic. Aside from those, it should also have these six traits to be considered high quality.

1. Credible

Credibility is an important quality every content creator must have. Every piece of information you share with the public will leave a lasting impact. That’s why it’s your duty to create credible and reliable information. Show your page’s credibility by featuring industry experts. You can also cite original research, reviews, and testimonials from trustworthy sites or personalities.

2. Compelling

Your content should be compelling enough to convince your viewers to keep watching. Promise value and address your viewers’ immediate concerns at the same time. Make this clear in your stream title and description. The more attractive you write them, the more people will likely watch your stream. But be careful not to over-promise.

3. Relevant

Who is your target audience? What do they want? What are their interests, concerns, and pain points? Quality content answers all these questions. Since you’re streaming for the benefit of your viewers, make your content work for them and not for you alone. Plus, the more relevant it is, the better it will rank in search engines.

4. Fulfilling

Don’t just promise value. Deliver it. Quality content fulfills all the promises made in the stream description. This doesn’t just help you avoid disappointing your audience. It also helps increase the likelihood of your viewers sharing your content among peer communities or even on their personal social media accounts.

5. Efficient

Quality content shouldn’t just be credible, compelling, and fulfilling. It should also be efficiently done to help you save time and money. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do that. For example, you can repurpose past content into different formats. You can write a blog about a past live stream, or you can extract the highlights and turn them into a series of IG stories.

The key here is thorough planning. After deciding on the topic and format, map out your plan of action. If you work with a team, get them all together and have everything done in one go if possible.

6. Convenient

Quality content is delivered in the most appropriate and convenient format. Don’t make things hard for your audience when you can make things easier for them. For example, make sure to have illustrations or infographics ready to explain complex information. Extra steps like that require additional time and effort, but they can help endear you to your audience. A bit of extra effort goes a long way.

How to Create Great Content for Your Live Stream

With so much content created every second on the internet, it can be quite noisy and chaotic. Follow these tips to learn how you can make your content stand out, so it doesn’t get lost in all the noise.

1. Create original content

As a content creator, one of the first things you need to learn is how to create original content. Don’t be pressured into creating content just for the sake of creating one. Your audience will know right away if you’re just rehashing old ideas and concepts that’ve been used many times and passing them off as new content.

You can do better than that. Use your own original ideas and add your personal touch. Put your own unique spin on the topic. Deliver the topic using your own perspective. Make people come to you by sharing information they can’t find anywhere else.

2. Research your chosen topic

As a content creator, it’s your responsibility to deliver factual information. Even if you’re an expert on the topic or just writing a personal experience, you should still research your main subject. You can give your opinion on something, but it should still be based on facts. Plus, you may stumble upon new and interesting information you can use to improve your content while researching the topic.

3. Create relatable content

To make relatable content, you can start by sharing your personal experiences. For example, as a gamer, you can share your pain points while playing a certain game. For sure, there are a lot of other people experiencing the same thing. This will prompt your audience to share their own experiences.

4. Make use of different content forms

Complement your content with other media. For example, you can add pictures, graphs, charts, infographics, and even memes to your blog or video content. Use multimedia to your advantage. This might need some experimentation to see what works for you, but don’t be afraid to play around with different content formats.

5. Give your stream a strong title and description

When promoting your live event, the first thing people see is its title and description. Make them as strong and attention-grabbing as possible. Be brief. Be concise. State the facts and why you think your content is of interest to people to get as much attention as you can.

6. Make your content actionable

The best content teaches users what to do with the information they just received. Make your content useful by giving your audience actionable takeaways. For example, if you’re a live gamer, don’t just play your game. Share valuable tips and ideas your viewers can use when they play the same game. This way, you get to entertain your audience and at the same time give them lessons they can apply right away.

7. Segment your content

The spray-and-pray strategy may work a few times, but it won’t work all the time. Improve your content quality by dividing your audience into different groups and targeting them one by one. Create content for each specific group with a topic you think will be helpful to them. This is an effective content marketing strategy, but it requires more effort and time to accomplish.

8. Be transparent

Quality content is clear, honest, and has no hidden agendas. If you’re promoting or selling a product, tell your audience right away. Don’t try to pass off your content as one thing when it’s actually a veiled attempt at selling something. Your audience is smart. They’ll see right through the pretenses. When you lose their trust, you lose them forever.

9. Create engaging content

Good content isn’t just informative. It should also be fun and engaging. You can create the highest quality content, but if it isn’t engaging, all your efforts will be in vain. Make your content interesting enough to get people to engage.

Be funny and witty. It isn’t a crime to add a little humor here and there. Include images on your blog or social media posts to make them more interesting. Lastly, don’t forget to interact with your audience during your broadcast.

Wrapping Up

Everyone defines quality content a little differently, but the best ones focus on entertaining and educating. Even if you’re selling a service or product, make sure you create content that provides answers and addresses your viewers’ concerns. Deliver value at all times and never stop creating exceptional content just because others are only in it for the money.