Want to live stream but don’t know how to get started?

We’ve got you covered.

Live streaming is a great way to grow a following, get your message out there, and promote your business.

While it may seem difficult at first, it’s actually simple—that is, once you get the nitty-gritty down.

We’re here to help you learn how to live stream using the different online video streaming platforms available to you. The goal is to get you live and streaming like a pro so you can make more money with your streams.

Streaming on YouTube

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world. With 2 billion active users every month and counting, it’s not surprising why live streamers flock to YouTube to get a piece of this gigantic pie.

But YouTube does have a few requirements. That’s so they can weed out the serious live streamers from those who are just here to play around. And with a potential audience as huge as one-fourth the world’s population, it can seem impossible to stand out.

Don’t worry. We teach you how to satisfy YouTube’s stringent requirements so you can start streaming on day one. We also help you carve your lucrative little niche so you can build a solid community on this massive platform.

We show you everything from the technical to the creative, from picking a great camera and writing optimized descriptions to planning fun scripts and showcasing your personality in your streams.

Facebook Live Streaming

With 2.6 billion people logging in every month, Facebook no doubt holds immense potential to be a live streamers’ haven.

The cool thing about Facebook is you can share your streams to many different places, including your profile, pages, and even groups with large numbers of people. Because of the ease of sharing streams, it doesn’t take much to grow a large following on Facebook.

Going live on Facebook may look simple, but there are plenty of features under wraps that casual streamers don’t even know about. We help you take advantage of these features so you can take your Facebook streaming to the next level.

And if you’re going to go pro, you’ll need to invest in high-quality equipment for that too. Whatever platform you choose, we’ll show you how to pick the best hardware and software you can buy, whether it’s cameras, microphones, or accessories like tripods and pop filters. Whatever your budget is, we’ll help you make it work for you.

How to Live Stream on Instagram

Instagram isn’t as big as YouTube or Facebook, but it has one huge advantage over other platforms. One-third of Instagrammers have bought something they’ve seen promoted on Instagram.

While most people think it’s just a place for posting pretty photos, Instagram actually has a lot of potential for promoting your business. And live streaming for money is a business.

The thing with Instagram is it’s largely mobile-centric. You can only post from your phone and stream from there as well. This can limit the types of content you stream, but it can also make you squeeze out more of your creative juices.

If you haven’t joined the Insta-bandwagon just yet, now’s the best time to do so. We’ll help you make the most of whatever equipment you have now and create memorable Insta-streams your audience won’t likely forget.

Streaming on Twitter

Twitter isn’t the most popular site for streaming, but if you’ve got breaking news to share, this is the way to go.

Like Instagram, Twitter’s live streaming uses a mobile-centric approach, which means you need to have a high-quality phone and camera software to get a good stream.

But did you know there are ways to get around these restrictions? We teach you how to use the best free and paid software so you can stream on Twitter and other platforms with no hardware constraints.

If you want to stream using your iPhone, Android phone, or even your PC or Mac, we show you how to do that.

How to Start a Live Stream on Twitch

Twitch is the undisputed king of game streaming. It hosts a lot of close-knit communities with regular viewers and friendships forged across oceans.

It also offers a variety of ways to monetize your stream, including ads, affiliate programs, paid subscriptions, and a lot more. If you’re looking to make a full-time income with game streaming, your first stop should be Twitch.

As with everything else, streaming on Twitch comes with its own set of challenges. With 2 million gamers streaming each month, there’s plenty of competition on Twitch. And it’s not like YouTube where people can watch more than one stream at a time. Viewers will have to choose between you and everyone else.

How do you make sure they choose you? And how do you keep them happy so they keep coming back for more? That’s what we teach you here.

Streaming Tips for Gamers, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs

Knowing all the technical stuff is useful, but what you really need to get noticed, build a community of loyal followers, and get paid handsomely is to create streaming content that wows your audience.

At LivestreamStudio, we go beyond the basics. We don’t just give you tutorials on how to buy equipment, how to use this and that software, or how to set up your studio so you can get started.

Once you have the equipment, know the software by heart, and have been up and running for months, you’ll need to focus on the most important thing—your content.

How do you create great content that your viewers will love? And how can you do so every day without getting tired?

Stick around and you’ll find out.